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Our team of experts are ready to serve your church with all of your church writing needs. Whether you need blogging, press releases or public relations, we’re prepared to support the various writing needs of your church with strong strategy and powerful performance.

Your Online Presence and Public Perception Matter

As a church, your online presence matters! When individuals search for a church in your area, it matters if your church is listed first, or not at all. It also matters how your church is perceived online. One bad article can quickly connect your church with a bad reputation. As a church, you want to stay up-to-date with both your online presence and public perception.

Online Presence: When people search for a church in your area, you want your church to be listed on the first page of results, even earning the top spot. Those searching are most likely to choose a result from their first page of search results. If individuals search for a church, or a specific ministry your church offers, and your church doesn’t appear on the first page, then you have an online presence problem.

The same concern extends to any event your church hosts. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on and event, but no one shows up. If your big event matters enough for your church to spend a lot of time/money/energy on, then making sure the community knows about your event should be a top priority.

Public Perception: Has your church ever considered what Google keywords are most closely connected to your church? Have you ever wondered how your church is perceived in your community? When they think of your church, what words come to mind? Your online perception matters.

Your church’s online perception especially matters when a negative article paints you in a bad light after an unfortunate incident. The truth is, bad press hurts. Churches and lead pastors can often feel like helpless victims of hurtful articles or press. How your church is perceived in the media matters.

Not Helpless

We know many people feel helpless to influence their online presence and public perception. But, the good news is you are not helpless! Writing effective church content online, along with various other online strategies has the ability to impact how your church is perceived on Google. And the secret to influencing your online presence in a meaningful way starts with Google.

There is little argument today that Google owns the Internet. Most websites are searched through Google and most online advertising happens through Google services. If your church wants to improve their online presence and reputation, then it will mostly happen through Google.

Google rates each page on the Internet, giving them a Quality Score. As a place to start, you can examine how Google views your website by checking out Google’s Search Console. But, the higher your Google Quality Score, the higher the spot your church or ministry can earn in Google’s search results. There are many factors that contribute to a high Google Quality Score. You can read more about ways to improve your Google Quality Score HERE and HERE.

Your church can also affect your church’s online presence through purposeful ad campaigns focused on specific keywords. These Google ads can be linked to landing pages built for relevance to those specific keywords. These optimized ads and landing pages will work together to impact your church’s online presence and public perception on Google.

Why Missional Marketing Cares

We believe every church is called to reach people who feel far from God. But, it’s not enough to hope those who feel lost will walk through the doors of your church on a Sunday morning. Today, if your church is serious about connecting with those searching for God, then you have to be serious about your online presence.

Long before a person will ever consider trying out your church on a Sunday morning, they’ll first search for a church on Google. They’ll visit your church website to get a feel for what your church is like. They might even look up Google reviews and find other information on social media. The digital age is upon us and with every passing year your church’s online presence matters more and more.

We are passionate about your online presence because we care deeply about people who feel far from God. We want to do everything in our power to help those searching souls connect with God in a meaningful way. Our mission is to help them find healing and reconnect with their heavenly father through the ministries of your church.

This is why we work so hard writing church content that makes a difference. We believe your church matters and we want our church writing to increase your church’s ability to impact your city with the truth of God’s love.

Missional Marketing

We’re On Your Team

The team at Missional Marketing works hard every day to help churches connect online with people far from God. We hope to help your church make a difference in your community. We want to let you know we’re on your team, and ready to help you with all of your church writing needs.

Different churches have different needs. Right now your church may be:

» Struggling with a stressful situation

» Stuck in a stagnant plateau

 »Dealing with declining attendance

Wherever you are, we strongly believe our church writing services can help your church. We would love to talk with your about your church needs, both now and in the future. We’re cheering for you, are thankful for you, and want to do everything in our power to help you be successful. If you’d like to learn more or take the next step, click HERE.