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Christian Blogging for Church Ministries

Christian Blogging

Christian Blogging 

Christian blogging is an impactful way for your church to connect with congregants and the world. But, blogging can also enhance every ministry of your church. Consequently church blogs are an effective platform for every ministry within your church to share information and help others.

Church Blogs Impact Church Growth

Church blogs are an amazing way to connect with people attending your church and the surrounding community. Congregants can easily share an upcoming event on social media. Your church will find individuals sharing meaningful videos from the previous Sunday with friends who need to hear the message. The more posts people share from your church online, the more traffic Google will send to your church website. The more people who check out your church’s website, the more likely those individuals are to attend your church on a Sunday morning.

If your church has a church blog, you may already understand the benefits of keeping up with a church blog. But, have you ever considered how Christian blogging can impact and improve every ministry of your church?

Blogging for Ministries

If your church has a men’s or women’s ministry, there are many ways you can use Christian blogging to help others. The men’s ministry can write a blog about “how to be a father” or “work-life balance”. Ministries could write blogs on subjects connected to their ministry. The bottom of every blog could carry a link to the church webpage connected with your ministry. A ministry could also write a blog post sharing resources important to those in that group.

For example, if your church has a ministry for addiction recovery, you could write a post talking about the various ways a person can begin the recovery process. This could include websites/phone number for local recovery centers. These posts could be easily shared with anyone looking for help or connection. If the resources in your blog post are especially robust, you might find your post being shared by more than members of your church.


Christian blogging can improve every ministry within your church. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to grow your church ministries, consider writing a blog. Writing blog posts has the potential to not only grow your church, but increase the impact of every ministry within your church.

If you are looking to set up a blog for your church, we’d love to help. Contact us here and we will set up a time to talk about how a blog can help the ministries of your church.

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