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Keyword Optimized Writing for Church Web Pages

Writing for church web pages can be a daunting task, but not to worry. We can help your church create and write the most effective web pages for your church website.

Our church writing services are ready to take your church website to the next level.

Imagine web pages that not only give visitors a great first impression of your church, but are also optimized so Google will continually send those searching to your site.


Your website is so much more than just a pretty postcard hanging on the fridge of the Internet; instead it can become a vibrant gateway, directing hundreds to hear the truth of God’s love.

We want to help those without a church home and those who feel far from God connect with their heavenly father. We believe your website can become one of the most effective marketing tools your church has to connect with searching souls.

But, it’s not enough to only have a website.

You need clear content written specifically for those Google will gladly send to your page. You also need to know what keywords are connected to every web page so content will accurately reflect those keywords.

The good news is you don’t have to walk this road alone. We want to partner with your church, through our church writing services, to create effective content that has the power to impact people’s lives.



When it comes to online advertising and Internet search results, there’s no question that Google makes the rules. Google uses complex algorithms to determine the most effective and relevant places to send those searching the Internet. They give every page on the Internet a Quality Score. The higher your Quality Score, the higher your page will rank in any search result. The goal is to earn the top search result for any term related to church or ministry in your area.

But, Google will not send individuals to your site simply because it exists. Content on your website will have to be crafted to increase the Quality Score for that web page. There are many ways a church can cater content to the various rules of Google. For example, a church can look into their web page’s loading time, excellence, and relevance. Google likes quick-loading pages that are easy to navigate, and is always looking for the most relevant content.

Church web pages often suffer from two major setbacks that ultimately hurt their Google Quality Score.

1. Too Short

Typically when writing for church web pages, writers try to create content that’s as short and to the point as possible. This may make your site easier to read and navigate quickly, but does not help your Quality Score. In fact, having less information on your web page actually hurts your Google Quality Score; meaning it lessens your web page’s chance of naturally coming up in any search. Ideally a web page will have at least 1,000 words while a blog post will have at least 300. More words encourages Google that your web page will not only be relevant but will also be substantive for those searching.

2. Unfocused Content

For the sake of website simplicity, church content writers will often place as much information on one page as possible. This might include a list of all ministries or groups offered by the church. A church might also have one page explaining everything involved in children’s ministry from birth through 12th grade. The problem is mixed content confuses Google so it’s not sure the true purpose of your page. Your church should create separate pages for each ministry and group of the church. The more focused the content for each web page, the more willing Google will be to send people to it.

When it comes to writing for church web pages, creating longer and more focused content will help Google see your web page better and be more inclined to send people to it. The more individuals Google sends to your site, the more potential lives God will have the opportunity to change through your church.

But, there’s one other major piece of the puzzle that helps focus your content in a way specifically so Google sees it, and that’s keywords. Using keywords effectively are the secret to writing for church web pages.


When it comes to creating focused, relevant, and effective content for your church website, keywords are king. “Keywords” refer to the specific words or terms individuals search for on Google’s search engine. After a person types in what they’re searching for and clicks enter, Google then investigates the Internet, looking for the most relevant pages tied to that specific keyword or group of keywords. As Google searches through every page on the Internet for relevant information, it’s looking for the keywords assigned to each web page. The stronger and clearer the keyword’s connection to the web page, the more likely Google is to share that page with those searching.

Keywords make all the difference. When your church uses Missional Marketing’s writing services for churches, we do so much more than simply write a short web page with relevant information. Once we have the web page’s topic, we’ll research the most effective keywords to use on the page, determined by the top terms individuals are searching for on the topic. For example, check out the following chart showing the top monthly ministry searches on Google in the U.S.

Information like this helps our writing experts create effective content using the most relevant keywords. A well-written web page with focused keywords will increase your website’s Google Quality Score and the chance that Google will send those searching to your site.


When we work on writing for a web page, we don’t simply share applicable information. Our process always starts with research. We will learn what keywords people are searching for in your area so we can determine how to cater content that will better connect to those searching. It’s not enough to have a web page for the various ministries in your church. We want to create content that those searching in Google will easily be able to find.

After we complete the necessary research, we will then determine what new pages are needed and what specific keywords should be the focus of each page. Our team of expert writers then begin writing effective content for each web page.


Whether you need one page, or one hundred, we’re ready to help your church determine what pages are needed and then to write those pages for you. We want to help your church website rank as high as possible in any Google search related to churches in your area. If you’re interested in taking the NEXT STEP in considering Missional Marketing, click HERE to get started.