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Starting a Church Blog Ministry

Blog Ministry
Beginning a blog ministry in your church is an amazing way to share information and interact with the people of your church. A blog acts like a website, but is a more casual way to share new information. Information on your church website may seldom change, where blogs can be updated often- even daily. You can learn more about how to write an effective blog HERE

A church blog is used for multiple purposes:

  • Share notes or extra info for an upcoming sermon
  • Public way to share church-wide small group discussion questions
  • Easy way to distribute church-wide daily devotions
  • A church can use a blog post to publicly share a thought on a recent local event or tragedy
  • You can share information about specific subjects not otherwise covered within the church
  • Blog posts connected to church ministries can increase web traffic to your church website

There are probably gifted writers within your church. Therefore, consider asking them to help begin a church blog ministry. You could begin by sharing the sermon notes for an upcoming sermon and ask them to write up an outline or group questions to share on the blog.

Volunteers helping with your church blog ministry can connect with the ministries of your church and ask each to write something about their ministry. For example, if your church has a food pantry, a volunteer could write about how a food pantry helps the needy. A volunteer from the men’s ministry can write about the need for male fellowship in our culture today. Once written, the blog ministry volunteers can edit and post the blogs.

Sharing Blogs with the World

Social media has given everyone the opportunity to share useful information with the world. Church blog posts give the individuals within your church an opportunity to share something special with their friends. Shared blog posts can lead to new web traffic to your church website, and eventually your church.

We’re Here to Help 

If you’re interested in starting a blog for your church website, we’d love to help. Also, if you’d like to start a blog but don’t feel like you have time to write one, we’d love to help with that also. We have a team of individuals ready to help your church write effective blog posts that will increase traffic to your site.

If interested, we’d share how our services can impact your church and local community.

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